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Wallpapering is becoming fashionable again after many years. It is an easy way to refresh the look of a room. Wallpaper brings an interesting and original look to an interior. By covering a wall with the material, you make it more cosy. By wallpapering a room, you can quickly transform the interior, and take advantage of the many designs, colours, as well as the choice of wallpaper texture and material.

Wallpapering – price Warsaw 2023

Think about what services you need: just wallpapering, fixing a wall mural, or maybe you’ll also need to remove old wallpaper and prime the walls? Next, measure and note down the width and height of each wall.

Service Price of labour per m²
Wallpapering from 70 PLN/m²
Wall murals from 70 PLN/m²
Staircase wallpapering from 90 PLN/m²
Ceiling wallpapering from 90 PLN/m²
Removing old wallpaper from 25 PLN/m²
Wall priming from 10 PLN/m²

The minimal value of the service is 500 PLN.

The amounts quoted are net prices. We issue VAT invoices for all services.
Prices are subject to VAT of 8% for individual customers and 23% for companies.

The price of the service includes: glue, treating the room to protect it from dirt and the removal and re-installation of lighting, switches and sockets.

Choose the type of wallpaper and specify the number of square metres of surface to be wallpapered on the wall or ceiling. The type of wallpaper should be adapted to the room in which it is to be applied.

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